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Whats Wrong with My Printer?  Error Codes

Whats Wrong with My Printer? Error Codes

In this post we will cover some common and not so common printer error codes.  Printer error codes point out a specific problem that your printer has.  These codes have a numeric assignment to them but often times the display doesn’t offer the description of the error. Note:  Codes can vary from model to model.… Continue Reading

Printer Parts 101:  Rollers and Pads

Printer Parts 101: Rollers and Pads

There are many parts that make up your printer each having a purpose some of them are small but play a very important part in printing.  The small parts we will be taking a look at today are the pick up rollers and the separation pads.  Laser jet as well as ink jet printers use… Continue Reading

Tech and Specs: Inkjet Printers vs. Laser Jet Printers

When buying a printer, which type should you get? There two types of printers that are available.  The Laser Jet and the Inkjet printer.  Each have their pros and cons and we will be comparing them to help you decide which one is right for you. Inkjet and Laser Jets printers operate differently.  In the… Continue Reading

Whats Wrong with My Printer?: Streaks

Whats Wrong with My Printer is a series of common and not so common issues with your printer and how to trouble shoot them. Streaks are often caused by a malfunctioning fuser.  This may be a sign that your fuser needs replacing.  Replacing fusers are relatively simple and easy in most newer printers.  In inkjet… Continue Reading

Printer parts 101: Fuser

Printer parts 101:  Fuser

Printer parts 101 is a introduction to whats “under the hood” of your printer The post are here to help you understand the inner workings of how your Laser Jet printer works. The Fuser is a key component your laser jet printers.  It uses high heat to bond the toner, which is a plastic like powdered… Continue Reading