Printer Parts 101:  Rollers and Pads

Printer Parts 101: Rollers and Pads

There are many parts that make up your printer each having a purpose some of them are small but play a very important part in printing.  The small parts we will be taking a look at today are the pick up rollers and the separation pads.  Laser jet as well as ink jet printers use these two very important parts to get the printing process going.  The pick up rollers as the name implies, pick up the paper from the paper tray feeding it thru the printer while the separation pads make sure that one page is picked up at a time.  Usually there will be one pick up roller and separation pad for each paper tray but it varies from model to model.  Each paper tray may also have different sets of rollers and pads. The names for these rollers can get a bit confusing since they go by different names.  For example the feed roller is another name for the pick up roller.  Feed separation rollers can also be used instead of separation pads.  Common signs that your pick up rollers and separation pads need to be replaced are when multiple sheets are being pulled into the printer or paper jamming is occurring.  Please consult your user manual to see the specific rollers and pads you may need.