Printer parts 101: Fuser

Printer parts 101:  Fuser

Printer parts 101 is a introduction to whats “under the hood” of your printer The post are here to help you understand the inner workings of how your Laser Jet printer works.

The Fuser is a key component your laser jet printers.  It uses high heat to bond the toner, which is a plastic like powdered ink on to the paper.  The way it does this is by using pressure and heat  up tp 200 °C or 392 °F  to “fuse” the toner to the paper by melting the toner onto the page creating the text or image on to the page.  Fusers can range in page copy outputs from 350,000 copies for a new HP 9000 fuser to 150,000 copies on a new HP 4250 model.

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