Whats Wrong with My Printer?  Error Codes

Whats Wrong with My Printer? Error Codes

In this post we will cover some common and not so common printer error codes.  Printer error codes point out a specific problem that your printer has.  These codes have a numeric assignment to them but often times the display doesn’t offer the description of the error.

Note:  Codes can vary from model to model. Remember to consult your user manual for specific error codes.  When attempting to clean or replace parts remember to turn off your machine and unplug it.

Common error codes:

11 – Paper Out

The paper tray is out of paper and there might be a problem with the paper tray or sensor.

Possible ways to solve this problem are making sure to check trays for any damage and cleaning any toner build up.  If this doesn’t help check the paper sensor or clean the opto-sensor.

13 – Paper Jam

Paper is jamming.  Jams can occur at any stage of the printing process from the time the paper is picked up from the tray till it exits your printer.

Possible causes of paper jams are worn out paper path rollers such as the pickup rollers and feed rollers.  A broken separation belt or faulty sensors can also be the causes.  Common fixes can be as easy as replacing the rollers or pads.  In some cases fusers need to be replaced as well.  Error codes can be specific to model series and numbers for example the 13.20 code on the 4200 series printer and is a rare code that means that the flag that tells printer the papers position is stuck behind the tray 1 assembly.

16 – Toner Low

Your toner cartridge is low or empty.  In some cases the toner that’s remaining might not be distributed evenly.  One way to fix this problem would be to take your toner cartridge out and give it a gentle shake to distribute the toner evenly thru the cartridge.

50 – Fuser Error

There are a number of fuser errors ranging from warm up failure to lower fuser temperatures.  When these error codes appear your fuser needs to be replaced or fixed by a experienced technician.  The following are a number of fuser error codes and what they mean.

50.1 – Low fuser temperature at startup.
50.2 – Low fuser temperature during printing.
50.3 – High temperature during printing.
50.4 – Faulty fuser.
50.5 – Wrong fuser installed or no fuser installed.
50.6 – Open fuser.  Fuser heater cut-off.  The fuser is possibly overheated.
50.7 – Fuser pressure release mechanism failure.  Fuser drive motor or the pressure release doesn’t work.
50.8 – Lower fuser temperature (sub-thermistor).  Secondary thermistor detects a fault.
50.9 – High fuser temperature (sub-thermistor)

Not so common error codes:

59 – Motor Error

The printer has a motor error, possibly relating to the main motor, fuser motor, image drum motor or ETC motor.  These codes also have specific variations for example the 59.99 code applies to the older 3500 series models and is related to the paper pick up assembly and the transfer roller solenoid.  Consult with your user manual for specific code descriptions.

64 – Scan Buffer Error

This error code varies from model to model and it can involve a number of different areas in your printer such as a defective D.C. controller, defective formatter boards or improperly fitted or bad firmware DIMM’s.

99 – Firmware Upgrade

There might be a number of things that this code could refer to including firmware failure or a bad hard disk in some cases it can also refer to a faulty formatter board.